Clinic Pricing

Prices / Services
All Services by Appointment Only!

Male Cats - $60
Female Cats - $75

Under 20 lbs  -  $100
21-50 lbs   -  $125
51-80 lbs  -  $150
Over 80 lbs    -    Males:  $175        Females:  $200

All spay/neuter surgeries include a FREE Rabies vaccine.
Additional surgery discounts for those on documented government assistance.

Vaccinations and Extra Services:
We offer vaccines and other services ONLY to animals that have already been sterilized.
(Puppies under 16 weeks MAY receive vaccinations and other services prior to sterilization.)

Rabies - 1-Year - $20, 3-Year - $35
Previous rabies vaccine (1-year or 3-year) CANNOT be more than 30 days past due for a 3-year rabies vaccine.
DA2PP  -  $15
Bordetella  -  $15
Heartworm Test  -  $25
Microchip  -  $25
De-Worming  -  $5 - $10
FVRCP  -  $15
FELV/FIV Test  -  $25
Monthly Flea and Heartworm Prevention  -  $15 - $17 each

Canine Dentals  -  $150   (general anesthesia is required)
Cleaning/scaling tartar, bacteria from teeth and under gum line.
Polishing enamel, applying a fluoride sealer, examining tongue and inside of mouth for any wounds, growths or abnormalities.  Simple extractions included.

Pre-Dental Exam - Antibiotics required one week before cleaning  -  $10 - $20
We DO NOT offer oral surgery, radiographs, or feline dental procedures.


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  4. How do I get my animal's records from you? I need to know if my dog is up to date on his shot's? Do you sell A flea pill for cat's and dog's? If so how much is it? I left you A voicemail yesterday but, I haven't recieved A call back.

  5. Can I get my dogs 3 year rabies tag from your offices?

  6. Hi if I need a male pitbull fixed and he's around 70 pounds how much would it cost if I'm on government assistant like SSI